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Since 1993

  • TrekupIndia is exploring Himalayas Since 1993. We are the oldest known organisation in India.
  • We have explored trails like Kedarkantha Trek, Rupin Pass Trek, Borasu pass, Bali Pass, etc.
  • TrekupIndia is India’s direct operation trekking organisation. TrekupIndia has more trekkers than any other organization. 7,000 plus for 2021

What We Do?

  • TrekupIndia is the most trusted trekking company in India. It also sets safety standards for the entire trekking industry.
  • TrekupIndia is the pioneer of trekking in India. TrekupIndia has brought most trekking routes, trekking systems and trekking equipment to India for Indian trekking.

Save The Trail

  • TrekupIndia’s Save The Trails program is a favorite among trekkers. Our Save The Trails program has made trails, where TrekupIndia runs trekking, pristine. Save The Trails is a great way for trekkers to leave our mountains better that we found them.
  • TrekupIndia is a unique trekking company that offers the TrekupIndia’s Trekkers best experience. These transformative experiences are well-designed and leave an indelible impression on trekkers. These have been around for 28 years.